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Winter 2022


Lisen Oliw (Norrsken Foundation)

Luca Maria Rossi (Baker Hughes)


Challenges for fleet electrification

Building resilience in the gas market

Small Modular Reactors on the path to decarbonisation

AFRY Insights

Energy transition

Kjetil Ingeberg

Director, AFRY Management Consulting

Antonio Nodari

Head of Central&South Europe Energy MC and Managing Director, Italy

Matt Brown

Vice President, AFRY Management Consulting


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We also spoke to Luca Maria Rossi of Baker Hughes, with whom we not only discussed the ambitious net zero commitment of the company, but also asked how Baker Hughes is taking its customers on this journey (p. 28).

Last but not least, this edition features writers from AFRY's engineering and digital business areas (p.10, 30, 32), reflecting the broad significance of the energy transition topic and the importance of collaborating across interconnected expertise areas to achieve the best outcomes.

As always, your feedback and comments are welcome, so that we can improve our next issue. We remain curious and make it our mission to bring you new ideas, perspectives and insights in order to support you for what is coming next.

AFRY Management Consulting


Dear reader,

Resilience, intelligence and excellence are the qualities that have guided us in designing this issue of our magazine in light of the current geopolitical situation. It is not without significance that a lighthouse in stormy water is emblazoned on our cover, because for us it is a symbol of the orientation that we as AFRY Management Consulting also want to give you.

It will not surprise you that Russia's invasion of Ukraine dominates much of our colleagues' analyses, especially with regard to the new, riskier gas market, supply chain challenges and much more. Nevertheless, it is precisely the question around climate change that drives us to take a stand on sustainability issues, as Carlos Perez Linkenheil (p. 20) as well as Helena Mueller (p. 24) do in their articles.

But who can solve the most pressing problems of our time? Entrepreneurs, says the Norrsken Foundation, which partners with AFRY to make a difference to impact startups, and we talked to one of Norrsken's leaders, Lisen Oliw (p. 22).

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Previous issue

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Previous issue

Here you can read the articles of the previous magazine

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