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Summer 2021


Francesco Venturini (Enel X)

Roland Lorenz (AFRY Management Consulting)


E-Mobility and impact on cities

100% renewable energy system

Transformation of electricity grids

AFRY Insights

Energy transition

Kjetil Ingeberg

Director, AFRY Management Consulting

Antonio Nodari

Head of Central&South Europe Energy MC and Managing Director, Italy

Matt Brown

Vice President, AFRY Management Consulting


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Only a few have managed to be as successful as Francesco in the development of new business models and products for their industry. In a conversation with AFRY Insights, he shares his ideas about Enel X's collaboration with Volkswagen and the contexts in which players like Google and Apple can be competitors, customers or, in other cases, interesting studies.

We hope you find enjoyment and value in our selection of topics! We welcome feedback and comments so we can improve the next issue. As always, we remain curious and make it our mission to bring you new ideas, perspectives and insights in order to support you for what is coming next. As we say at AFRY:

We don’t care about making history.

We care about making future.

Enjoy reading!

AFRY Management Consulting


Dear reader,

Digitalisation affects all areas of life and business, from mobility to urban development, from manufacturing to construction and from energy production to energy management. Amid the unprecedented challenges these sectors are facing, smart and intelligent solutions have never paid off as much as they do today. This is why in this issue of AFRY Insights our colleagues share their most recent insights on the latest questions regarding digitalisation. How can an energy system based on 100% renewable energy work? What does electromobility mean for us and our cities? To what extent does digitalisation help us to manage, build and work more sustainably and efficiently?

Expect to read both inspiring and meaningful interviews with Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X and Roland Lorenz, Head of AFRY Management Consulting. We asked Roland about his view on how the pandemic has changed the world of work and how clients benefit from AFRY's bold strategy focusing on sustainability and digitalisation.

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Digital accelerator

AFRY is investing to strengthen its position as the leading digital transformation partner. AFRY X is our digital accelerator, designed to drive the rapid development of digital solutions as well as boost the broader digital transformation, for our clients and across our organisation. Every industry is evolving in response to the global digital transformation, which is accelerating its pace in AFRY’s core industry sectors.

With AFRY X we are committed to staying at the forefront of the digital transformation in areas such as Infrastructure, Food & Life Science, Bioindustry and Clean Energy.

We aim to achieve a more sustainable society, together with our clients and partners, through leading digital solutions.

Contact: Per Kristian

Egseth Head of AFRY X

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