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Summer 2023


Odile Renaud-Basso (EBRD)

Guillaume Lucci (Prime Infra)


Australia's energy transition

Green ammonia: one-size-fits-all solution?

Green innovation driven by the EU Taxonomy and IRA

AFRY Insights

Energy transition

In this edition of AFRY Insights, our colleagues reflect on the latest energy sector topics along the challenge of striking the right balance between energy security and decarbonisation, asking questions such as: "Can green ammonia be the solution to food scarcity and decarbonisation?", "Is now the right moment to invest in the electrolysis market?" and "How do the EU Taxonomy and the Inflation Reduction Act affect green innovation?" - to name just a few.

With an open invitation to exchange ideas and welcoming your feedback, we wish you an exciting and enriching read, promising that we will remain curious and true to our mission of providing you with new ideas and perspectives in order to support you for what is coming next.

AFRY Management Consulting


Dear reader,

In the sprint to address the consequences of the pandemic and the ongoing effects of the Russian war on Ukraine, mastering the climate crisis -the pressing issue of our time- has been pushed to the side in the collective consciousness time and again. Neither a vaccine can help to overcome it, nor a bilateral peace agreement, and the consequences of climate change cannot simply be washed away or cleaned like the polluted Trevi Fountain. What remains painfully clear is the simple realisation that there is no easy solution to the climate crisis. We at AFRY are constantly tracking the sustainable transition and believe that one of the critical balances to strike, as we build a way forward and address the climate crisis, is that of energy security and decarbonisation. These pages are dedicated to examining that intricate balancing act, from various angles.

The climate crisis is a global phenomenon, which affects everyone and all business sectors. This is why we spoke to two international leaders who see the challenges of overcoming the crisis from different perspectives in our interviews with Guillaume Lucci, President and CEO of Prime Infrastructure, energy, water distribution and waste management, and Odile Renaud-Basso, President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

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Matt Brown

Vice President, AFRY Management Consulting

Antonio Nodari

Head of Central & South Europe Energy MC and Managing Director, Italy




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